Today is the big day – the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear should be available in most corners of the globe. However, this is just the initial rollout. You can expect to see the Note 3 and Gear popping up for sale online and in shops, but carriers won't be selling them in the US for a few more days.


If you've had your eye on the big stylus-packing smartphone, be prepared to pay a pretty penny. Unlocked phones are always expensive, and this one will be in demand. The unlocked Note 3 will probably be going for nearly $800 everywhere. Negri Electronics is listing it at $770, and that's a sale price. US carriers will only be asking for a few hundred up front, and you'll get proper LTE support. AT&T will be out the gate with its Galaxy Note 3 on October 1st. Then T-Mobile starts moving Notes on October 2nd. Sprint will begin selling the device on October 4th. Finally, the Verizon Note 3 should ship on October 10th, a few days behind everyone else.


The Galaxy Gear is supposed to retail for $299, and that's probably what you'll pay through carriers too. If you're impatient, the Note 3 and Gear combo could set you back over $1000 today.