Facebook's Android app isn't what you'd call a shining example of standards-based development, but it's been steadily improving for the last couple of years. A tipster who's using the latest Facebook Android beta sent us screenshots of what the next major iteration might look like. After resetting his account and being sent the relevant codes, our reader noticed two "code generator" entries in the app's slide-out menu. Tapping the first one shifted his app's UI considerably.

normal(on launch) two code generators alternative(top stories)

The newer screenshot is on the right, the older one on the left. The most notable change is that the secondary menu bar (status/photo/check in) has disappeared in the newer user interface. You can also tell that the messenger button in the upper right-hand corner has been changed into a menu button. Pressing it opens up a switch between the "Top" stories and the most recent ones. The interface itself uses larger text and buttons which should make for easier reading and navigation. (The device is a Nexus 4, if you're wondering.) Note that the "Like" and "Comment" buttons are now centered and justified.

when you click top right

I wasn't able to replicate our tipster's results, and in any case it's probably not finished yet - there's currently no obvious way to make a new post or start an instant message conversation. He reports that the secondary menu bar returns after you switch between top stories and most recent, and the recent filtering is currently broken and showing stories from random times. Of course, teething troubles aren't exactly unexpected in a beta. Here's hoping that some of the easier-to-read formatting changes make it into the stable build soon.

Thanks, Matt!

Developer: Facebook
Price: Free+