Back in late August, Samsung announced a new version of the Galaxy Tab 3 specifically for kids. Dubbed Galaxy Tab 3 Kids (bet you didn't see that name coming), it's a festive-looking little gizmo with a kid-friendly form factor and easy-to-understand UI. And now you can download the kernel source code.


Normally, we would discuss how the source code allows developers to tweak the device's kernel, opening up a new world of possibilities for the device. But this is a kids' tablets. Not that things chance because this is a kids' tablet – just that, well, why would you want to tweak the kernel on a kids' tablet? I'm sure someone out there will need to overclock their four-year-old's tablet, but for most people, there will be no reason to hit the download button. Alas, at least it's available should the need for such a thing ever arise.

Samsung also released the source for a Galaxy S4 variant with the model number GT-i9507. We're not entirely sure what this model is, as the only thing we've heard about it thus far is a mention of it in a user agent profile about a month or so ago. So, if you want to see the code for some unknown GS4 variant, now you can.

Downloads: Galaxy Tab 3 Kids; GT-i9507