If you've been waiting for Electronic Arts to release the latest version of its monster soccer franchise FIFA for Android... well, you'll probably have to keep waiting. FIFA 14 is available in the Play Store, but the only place that we've confirmed it can actually be downloaded is in Romania (and possibly Singapore). There's no sign of a North American release, which usually comes in a separate listing. 

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The new FIFA 14 includes 33 football leagues and over 600 teams, all with licensed player names and stats. Speaking of stats, the new Football Club Match Day feature will keep those stats updated throughout the season, with new formations, injuries, and suspensions from the real season affecting your game. (Fair warning: this might require a purchase of the console or PC version of FIFA 14 - it isn't clear from the description.) FIFA 14 also has new touch controls and a pretty noticeable graphical upgrade.

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The standard team creator mode is included, but this is a free app, which means getting the best players probably means grinding for hours for in-app currency or spending real money. In addition to the standard currency IAP, the game includes three modes only available after a paid upgrade: Manager, Tournament, and Kick Off. Sorry, but I've got no idea how much the upgrade to the full version of the game costs, since I can't get my hands on the app.

EA does this sort of staged rollout pretty often, presumably to iron out the kinks in a popular game by releasing it in small markets first. I'd expect FIFA 14 to get a standard wide release within the next couple of weeks.

Thanks, Yogesh Yadav!

The app was not found in the store. :-(