JackThreads keeps its shoppers at the forefront of fashion, but until recently, its Android app failed to do the same. The curated, members-only website offers clothing sales that lasts for a few days to a week, a formula that all but ensures that its offerings never get stale, yet its mobile app smelled of Gingerbread at a time when users were increasingly developing a taste for Kit Kats. Now the JackTheads app should look as stylish as that trendy pair of jeans you snagged for 50% off.


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The changes center around the new look and feel. The good thing here is that a solid shopping app doesn't need much more than that. If you drop the price on something and make sure it looks attractive, people will come.

What's new:

  • New Look: An all-white interface that's so fresh & so clean, clean
  • Obsess over threads in full-screen gallery view
  • Landscape view for double-wide shopping
  • Connect via e-mail, Facebook, or G+
  • JT fans of the world, unite! We support international orders to CA, GB, AU + more soon!

The new look provides a mobile shopping experience that's easy on the eyes and more than spacious enough for fingertips, with a highly-visual grid interface and large clear buttons. Each item has multiple images that pop into full-screen and are large enough to hold up well even on high-resolution devices.


Users are free to window shop all they want, but they will need to sign up with an email address, a Google account, or Facebook in order to purchase anything. If you're ready to step in and look around, the entrance can be found below.

JackThreads: Men's Shopping
JackThreads: Men's Shopping
Developer: JackThreads
Price: Free