If you have your eyes set on the Galaxy S4 and you aren't turned off by the quality of Sprint's network, Amazon's new price for Samsung's flagship handset might just make your day. The retailer is currently offering the Sprint Galaxy S4 for $49.99 with a new two-year contract. This deal is available regardless of whether you want the phone in black, white, or purple.


Amazon's previous offer for the Sprint Galaxy S4 used to be $99. The new price is 50% lower, but it only applies if you're a new customer or adding a new line. Anyone looking to upgrade will have to pay $149 instead, and going contract-free will still set you back $649.

The Galaxy S4 isn't the brand new device it used to be, but it still sits among the top Android phones out there. If you're ready to make the jump up to a more powerful device or looking to own your first smartphone, this is a relatively affordable way to do so.

Black Sprint Galaxy S4 on Amazon

White Sprint Galaxy S4 on Amazon

Purple Sprint Galaxy S4 on Amazon