As the drama over the creation of Cyanogen Inc. raged last week, the developer of CyanogenMod's Focal camera app decided to pull it from the open source ROM. Now Guillaume Lesniak (AKA xplodwild) has dropped Focal into Google Play for anyone to use. It is compatible with most newer devices, but it is a beta.

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The app currently has support for multiple still and video modes including burst, timer, scenes, and shutter speed on some devices. It also has PicSphere, an open source replacement for PhotoSpheres. As for panoramas, that mode is a little broken right now – feel free to give it a shot, though. Focal can also do HDR and filters in still photo mode.

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There are likely to be a few more small bugs in Focal right now, but it should be pretty stable on newer phones. Focal is open source, so you can grab the source code at Github, if that's your thing.

Focal (Beta)
Focal (Beta)
Developer: Team BBQ
Price: Free