Game developers have launched players into the abyss of space since they first learned how to manipulate pixels, but very few titles offer us the chance to simulate life as a modern day astronaut. Sure, GRAVITY: DON'T LET GO is purely intended to draw interest in the upcoming film Gravity starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, but it still offers one of the relatively few chances to float around present day spacecraft that gamers have.

Gravity3 Gravity1


If you haven't already seen the trailer for Gravity, here's the gist - things go horribly wrong. Satellite debris crashes into a space shuttle, sending an astronaut hurtling through space desperately trying to free herself from the damaged mechanical arm she's attached to.

It's this moment, right at the beginning of the trailer, where the Android game begins. Players try to detach from the broken arm and stabilize themselves using a series of finger taps and swipes. It's very basic stuff, but it's not all the game has to offer. Later stages let you explore a satellite and get a taste for how hard it is to maneuver in zero gravity.

Gravity5 Gravity2 Gravity5

The game is free, and there are no in-app purchases to concern yourself with. The main menu reveals a multiplayer mode, but it's not yet available to play around with. Until then, there's enough single player content to fill a few free moments, regardless of whether you're hyped for the movie or just curious to try out a space game that doesn't involve lasers.