When you think of Disney's late-80s cartoon DuckTales, you think of thrilling, white-knuckle class shooters in the vein of Team Fortress 2. Wait, no, that's not right: you think of the theme song that's been running through your head on and off for the last 25 years. Then you think about semi-wholesome kid's entertainment about ducks swimming in huge piles of gold. In fact, a class-based, over-the-shoulder shooter game is probably the last thing you'd think of in relation to DuckTales.

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That being the case, why Disney chose to turn the franchise into a shooter for mobile platforms will have to remain a mystery. (Hey Disney, there's this DuckTales platform game that would be a perfect match for mobile devices. Tell Capcom to get on that, please.) Scrooge's Loot is a game about Scrooge McDuck hiring a band of mercenaries to recover his stolen money, which turn out to include 3D shooter elements including a gun that fires plungers and a rocket launcher-jetpack hybrid. The four stages can dish out the hurt on your character while you play against the computer, or or you can go at it in multiplayer teams of four. Each class is customizable to some degree with "tools" (weapons), gadgets, and outfits, only some of which include pants.

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The graphics are pretty good for this kind of thing, and definitely evoke the subject matter... even if the shooter gameplay doesn't. Like a lot of Disney's recent releases, DuckTales Scrooge's Loot is free to play. It looks like there's a pretty heavy push towards in-app purchases for gear and upgrades as well, which means that players may often be outgunned thanks to the well-known "pay to win" phenomenon.

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