There's a reason Moves has attracted millions of downloads on iOS. It doesn't require the purchase of a separate device, instead turning the smartphone that's already in your pocket into a pedometer. This isn't unheard of on Android, but Moves is available for free and isn't weighed down by ads. ProtoGeo wants Moves to be an app that mainstream people actually use, and that means keeping it clean, simple, and non-intrusive.

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No, seriously, Moves is simple. When you fire up the app for the first time, it informs you that it will track your steps, and that's it. The introduction ends, and there are no visible buttons outside of the overflow menu button in the top right corner. There's just a solidary green circle wondering why you haven't started walking yet, because until then, neither one of you will have anything to do.

Moves gradually displays useful information the more you use it. Eventually it will let you know how many steps you've taken, how far you've walked, how long you traveled, and where you've been.

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How does ProtoGeo plan to profit from a free app with no ads? Eventually they hope to add in-app purchases that will appeal to more dedicated users, those who aren't likely to be discouraged when the app pushes them to exercise more often. But in the version of the app released today, those additions are nowhere to be found.

So if you're at least passively interested in tracking your steps, gives Moves a try. It's free, and it does its best to stay out of your way.

Developer: ProtoGeo
Price: Free