The YouTube team is hard at work stomping out the various interruptions that disrupt our binge video consumption. Their last major update to the mobile app introduced a sometimes awesome, sometimes annoying, picture-in-picture-ish feature that keeps the current video streaming while you search for the next one to play. Now the team is adding the ability to temporarily save videos for offline viewing. This way not even a power outage can come between you and those adorable cats.


The team says the new feature will enable fans to save video for an unspecified short period of time. Hopefully these videos linger around long enough to enjoy in the middle of a camping trip, while your kid's benched during a baseball game, or during a cross-country flight. The BBC Android app stores videos for up to 30 days (or 7 days after the first viewing), and that's a definition of "short" I could easily get behind.

Offline playback won't roll out until November, so we'll have to wait and see for now. In the meantime, gosh those cats are cute.

Source: YouTube