What you read is true. If you're an AdSense customer and want to keep an eye on your AdSense and AdMob accounts, the oft-requested widget is finally part of the official AdSense app. Breathe a sigh of relief – you're days will be be better moving forward, everything will be more convenient, and life as a whole is going to be good, maybe even great. All thanks to this convenient widget.

But there's even more! AdSense will now respect your timezone settings and automatically adjust the figures according to the Home tab on the AdSense website. Isn't that sweet? Otherwise, you'll also get lifetime earnings support in all reports and translations in 24 different languages. The notification counter has also been fixed.

The update should be live in the Play Store now, so grab it and fill your life with all the glee it can handle (no, not the show... unless you just want to).

What's New


  • Resizable widget showing the estimated earnings overview - our most requested feature!
  • AdSense reporting timezone - the figures in the app will now respect your timezone setting, and match the Home tab on the AdSense website
  • Lifetime earnings support in all the reports
  • Translations to 24 languages
  • The notifications counter fix

Update #1: Here are some screenshots of the widget. The good news is that it's resizable and shows considerably more information the bigger you make it. Awesome!

image image

Update #2: Here's the v1.2 APK (thanks, JohnD!).

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