Millions of people have turned to Feedly as their Google Reader replacement, and while it isn't quite the same, it's now taking a big step towards making the similarity all the more uncanny. In an acknowledgement that one size does not fit all and in an effort to grow Feedly from a product into a platform, the team has decided to open up the Feedly API. They're welcoming outside developers to create apps and other experiences that can take advantage of the Feedly cloud.


The team has worked with fifty developers over the past six months to create an API that is flexible enough to serve many different types of products, including readers, enterprise apps, dashboards, etc. Yet at the same time, it's intended to be simple enough for a single develop to create a great app in less than a week. If this is true, we can expect third-party readers to appear in the Play Store in the weeks and months ahead.

Information and resources are available here for developers raring at the chance to take a swing at creating something awesome that integrates with Feedly. If you don't like the official Feedly app or the few alternatives that currently sync with it, hopefully someone else will now develop a new third-party client that presses all the right buttons - or maybe you will be the one to create it yourself.

Source: Feedly Blog