Earlier today we reported that Verizon is currently denying owners of the Nexus 7 2013 LTE model the ability to access new data lines on the company's network. We reached out to a Verizon representative for comment, and here's what we got back:

This is not yet a device that is Verizon 4G LTE certified. We’ll let folks know when its certified.

Since that's a little on the vague side we requested some clarification, and received the following additional response.

Yes, we do expect it to get certified. I don’t have a timeframe as I’m still looking into all this but we’ll let people know.

That implies that Verizon is actively testing the Nexus 7 LTE and readying it for new Verizon customers to use. That would make the Nexus 7 LTE the first unlocked, non-Verizon device approved for use on the carrier's network. While we don't have verification on this, it's a possibility that Google and/or ASUS has submitted the N7 hardware for Verizon certification. If you're waiting for some kind of date, prepare to keep waiting: Verizon currently has no requirement (or even much of an economic incentive) to hurry the matter.

Whether or not this will be the first of many non-Verizon devices to be certified (or even considered for certification) remains to be seen. Once Verizon implements voice-over-LTE technology and begins phasing out its CDMA-only devices the company will have to allow unlocked LTE hardware, per the FCC's requirements in the LTE Block C spectrum auction.