doubleTwist is one of the most popular music players available for Android, and it's a rather attractive one to boot. It has large, finger-friendly icons, the standard grid-interface for browsing albums, and an overall dark theme that's easy on the eyes. Unfortunately, this look starts to fall apart when you fire up the app on a tablet, as it suffers from stretched-out-phone-UI syndrome. It's a disease that can afflict even the best Android apps, but doubleTwist has teased a new version of the app that has been completely cured.


This new tablet UI introduces a sidebar for skipping around between the different areas of the app. Overall, this is the same doubleTwist we know and love, just with smoother gradients and a subtler logo. Here's to hoping the next release looks as solid as what we see here, but we may have to sit tight for the time being, as this UI isn't yet stable enough for a beta release, let alone something suitable for the general public.

Source: Reddit