If you're one of the many who thinks Motorola's X phone is the bee's knees, then Amazon potentially has a deal that may be of interest. Why "potentially," you ask? Because this one's only good for Sprintsters (or those considering the jump).

For the time being, Amazon is letting the X go for $99 on-contract for both new agreements and existing customers. Unfortunately, the black version is currently out of stock, so it's white or bust at the moment. On the upside, the white one sure is pretty, so it's really hard to go wrong.

Update: The black version is now in stock.


Of course, if you simply must have the black one, you can go ahead and order at the current price and Amazon will drop it on your doorstep as soon as it's back in stock. Either way you go, $100 is hard to beat for Motorola's latest flagship.

Amazon – Black, White