In a post to its blog today, Sony gave a brief look at a new device to be announced this Sunday, the 15th of September.

What the company calls the BRAVIA Smart Stick looks like a waffle or small wafer cookie, and "plugs into the MHL connection on the back of 2013 Sony BRAVIA televisions, with another short cable plugged into the USB port for power." Right now it's unclear if the device will be compatible with other TV models.

The device sounds kind of like a Chromecast and, in so far as it's a dongle, looks sort of like a Chromecast, and indeed the device could end up packing the Chromecast protocol allowing users to stream content from compatible apps, but Sony makes a point to clarify that it's more like a Google TV device with BRAVIA apps pre-installed, excluding any potential Chromecast-related functionality.

So, it’s Google TV, right?

Not so fast!

The BRAVIA Smart Stick’s user interface seamlessly integrates Google TV and Sony’s own BRAVIA apps, allowing viewers to stay in a single menu to launch any of their apps, including BRAVIA apps like the Internet Video Library.

Besides making your BRAVIA television "PhD-level smart," the Smart Stick will come pre-loaded with the usual media apps including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, YouTube, and Amazon Instant Video among others. It will also have a "Picture-and-Picture feature" for browsing the web and watching TV simultaneously.

The Stick will also come with a universal remote that will pack a keyboard and a microphone.

smartstick smartstick2

Sony doesn't divulge much more information in the blog post, but those curious can check it out at the link below. We'll be anxiously waiting for the 15th to see just what else this thing can do.

Source: Sony Blog