LG made a last minute amendment to the documentation for the Verizon edition of the G2 yesterday, which is model number LG-VS980. No big deal, right? Except someone at the FCC or LG seems to have screwed this one up, but in our favor. Images of an LG device are attached to the application. These are usually held back until a device is released, but these aren't images of the G2 for Verizon. They appear to be the upcoming Nexus – the LG D820. Both internal and external photos are included, and the components are clearly labeled D820. It's a little blurry, but we're not complaining.

2013-09-12 10_32_40-https___apps.fcc.gov_eas_GetApplicationAttachment.html_id=2041455 2013-09-12 10_32_58-https___apps.fcc.gov_eas_GetApplicationAttachment.html_id=2041455

2013-09-12 10_33_10-https___apps.fcc.gov_eas_GetApplicationAttachment.html_id=2041455 2013-09-12 10_33_27-https___apps.fcc.gov_eas_GetApplicationAttachment.html_id=2041455 

2013-09-12 10_34_32-https___apps.fcc.gov_eas_GetApplicationAttachment.html_id=2041455 2013-09-12 10_35_45-https___apps.fcc.gov_eas_GetApplicationAttachment.html_id=2041455

The overall shape of the device is what we saw in the Google KitKat statue video, and the design language screams "Nexus." There is a 2300mAh battery in the pictures, which matches the leaks. There is a top headphone jack and a bottom microUSB, but the G2 has both ports on the bottom edge. The FCC shots show the device opened up, but that doesn't mean the final device will have a removable back. There is also a strange notch cut out at the top of the back plate – this is clearly not final hardware. That big camera module is present, but it looks like the lens itself is rather small, surrounded by a metal ring.

2013-09-12 10_36_09-https___apps.fcc.gov_eas_GetApplicationAttachment.html_id=2041456 2013-09-12 10_36_33-https___apps.fcc.gov_eas_GetApplicationAttachment.html_id=2041456 2013-09-12 10_36_48-https___apps.fcc.gov_eas_GetApplicationAttachment.html_id=2041456

2013-09-12 10_37_01-https___apps.fcc.gov_eas_GetApplicationAttachment.html_id=2041456 2013-09-12 10_37_19-https___apps.fcc.gov_eas_GetApplicationAttachment.html_id=2041456

2013-09-12 10_37_52-https___apps.fcc.gov_eas_GetApplicationAttachment.html_id=2041456 2013-09-12 10_38_16-https___apps.fcc.gov_eas_GetApplicationAttachment.html_id=2041456 2013-09-12 10_38_36-https___apps.fcc.gov_eas_GetApplicationAttachment.html_id=2041456

2013-09-12 10_38_52-https___apps.fcc.gov_eas_GetApplicationAttachment.html_id=2041456 2013-09-12 10_39_07-https___apps.fcc.gov_eas_GetApplicationAttachment.html_id=2041456 2013-09-12 10_40_32-https___apps.fcc.gov_eas_GetApplicationAttachment.html_id=2041456

The back appears to be a soft touch material, but this is likely a temporary cover. Again, this is not final hardware. There is no giant Nexus logo emblazoned on the device, so the back portion could be completely different when it is released. The FCC gets to dig around inside of devices, so we even get a little teardown of the D820. There are definitely some wireless charging and NFC bits in there too. Unfortunately, the images are too blurry to make out part numbers.

2013-09-12 10_41_08-https___apps.fcc.gov_eas_GetApplicationAttachment.html_id=2041456 2013-09-12 10_41_26-https___apps.fcc.gov_eas_GetApplicationAttachment.html_id=2041456 2013-09-12 10_40_49-https___apps.fcc.gov_eas_GetApplicationAttachment.html_id=2041456

2013-09-12 10_41_26-https___apps.fcc.gov_eas_GetApplicationAttachment.html_id=2041456 2013-09-12 10_41_47-https___apps.fcc.gov_eas_GetApplicationAttachment.html_id=2041456 2013-09-12 10_42_04-https___apps.fcc.gov_eas_GetApplicationAttachment.html_id=2041456

2013-09-12 10_42_24-https___apps.fcc.gov_eas_GetApplicationAttachment.html_id=2041456 2013-09-12 10_43_21-https___apps.fcc.gov_eas_GetApplicationAttachment.html_id=2041456 2013-09-12 10_43_53-https___apps.fcc.gov_eas_GetApplicationAttachment.html_id=2041456

The FCC will probably be notified of the mistake by an irate Google or LG rep soon. In case the documents are removed, we've mirrored them below.

Internal Images Mirror

External Images Mirror

[FCC, via PhoneScoop]