Google Search is a really handy feature, but are you using its voice features to the fullest? Probably not, unless you're Jean-Louis Nguyen. This YouTube user posted a video last year showing off everything Google Voice Search was capable of, but that was early on. Google Search has evolved a lot in the past year, and Nguyen got in touch to let us know there's a new demo video. It's over 10 minutes of voice search queries, many of which you probably didn't know were possible.

The video starts by showing off the conversational search features Google talked about back at I/O. You can string queries together, referencing the last result in your question. Google Search is smart enough to figure out what you mean. My favorite example is when Nguyen asks about Thanksgiving, then follows it up with, "I meant the Canadian one." Google immediately corrects itself. We also get some demos of reminder functionality, flight search, and some more Google tricks like pulling up a calculator and finding nutritional data. The personal photo search is also kind of amazing.

This video has been re-shared by a number of Googlers in the last week, who seem pleased someone is taking note of all their hard work. At the end he also uses Utter to trigger hotword searches, but Google Voice Search is the main feature. Give it a watch and you'll probably see something new.