Google has started rolling out the newest update to Glass, dubbed XE9. This version of the Glass software enables Google Apps users to sign into glass, which was a major requested feature. There are also new Google Now cards, sound search, and a cool UI overlay feature called Vignettes.

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The Google+ page only gives a general overview. Here is the full list of features direct from Google's support pages:

  • Vignettes: Vignettes superimpose a screenshot of your Glass display over your picture, so people can see what you see on Glass and in the world. Take a picture using Glass' camera button and tap to Make vignette. Whatever is on the display when you take the picture will appear in the vignette.
  • Play videos through search: Use Google Search to find and play videos.
  • Sound Search: Long press the touchpad for a Google search and swipe forward to start a sound search. Glass will listen for a moment and identify the name and artist. Alternatively, you can start a sound search by voice command. Say "ok glass, google what song is this?" from the Home menu.
  • New Google Now cards: Transit, reminders, nearby attractions, nearby photo spots, and news.
  • Set up a Google Apps account: Those with Google Apps can now turn on the Glass service through their admin console and set up their Glass on their Google Apps account. Most Google Apps are supported and we'll continue testing and adding services as we go. To test with us, switch your account by factory resetting your Glass through the Device info card in Settings, then set up Glass through the MyGlass website or Android app while signed in to your Google apps account.
  • Glass searches in search history: Searches performed on Glass are now updated in your Google search history. If you'd rather keep a search anonymous, deleting it from the timeline will also delete it from your search history. Alternatively, you can turn it off entirely from the search history website.
  • Remote control: While you screencast with the Google Glass app, you can control Glass through your phone. Try it out by swiping your phone screen to browse your timeline.

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CatsVignette BikingCrittendenVignette

49ersVignette BayBridgeVignette MotorcycleVignette

The remote control feature was added to the My Glass app a few days ago, but required XE9 to actually work. That's a cool improvement that will let more people play around with Glass without strapping it to their heads. Similarly, Vignettes are an interesting way to share the Glass UI. It only takes one command to include a screen shot of the Glass UI on the image. All those new Now cards aren't bad either.

PackingVignette SunsetVignette GardeningVignette

The update should reach all the Glass Explorers soon. Maybe one day we'll all be exploring Glass, but today is not that day.

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