Smartphones and tablets are phenomenal portable media devices, especially if you've plugged in a good pair of headphones. Relying on the built-in speakers might get by in a pinch, but they're not going to single-handedly provide background music for a party without a little bit of help. If you're in that situation, now might be a good time to check out the online clearance section of Best Buy, where we've found two speakers that have been drastically reduced in price: the Philips Fidelio AS111/37 speaker dock and the Shoqbox SB7200 portable Bluetooth speaker.


The Philips Fidelio speaker dock is currently available from Best Buy for $30. That's significantly less than the usual price of $89.99 and lower than the $38.35 price it's currently going for at Amazon. Both prices are lower than the last time we saw this device go on sale. This has a physical dock, but it might not be a good solution if the micro USB port isn't situated at the bottom of your device or, as is the case with the HTC One, doesn't face the usual direction (apparently the USB connection is movable). It supports Bluetooth streaming, though, so it's worth something even if you completely ignore the dock.


The Shoqbox produces higher-quality sound and usually goes for $179.99, more than twice its current price of $74.99. This offer is quite a bit cheaper than the $91.99 to be found at Amazon (but a little bit higher than the last deal we posted). The Shoqbox syncs via Bluetooth and comes with a built-in microphone so you can switch to speakerphone when grandma chimes in right in the middle of Macklemore.

Both speakers are compatible with devices running Android 2.1 or higher, so if you want to surprise someone with either as a gift, chances are their phone is supported.

$30 Philips Fidelio Speaker Dock on Best Buy

$74.99 Shoqbox Portable Bluetooth Speaker on Best Buy