The developers at CyanogenMod never seem to sleep these days. After publishing the first Android 4.3 nightlies a few weeks ago, the long-promised CyanogenMod Accounts feature is being enabled on new builds starting tonight. This adds an option for an official CyanogenMod account in the Accounts section of the Settings page (right next to Google, Facebook, Dropbox, et cetera). Users can create a new CyanogenMod account right from their phones or tablets and access it from the official Account page on the CyangenMod website.

CM Account 2 CM Account 3

What does a CyanogenMod account do for you? It lets you locate your CM-equipped device remotely with a "find my phone" function enabled on the website. You can also remotely wipe your phone if it gets stolen or lost (or if you need to do a full wipe before that new ROM flash and you want to impress your friends). Right now that's all there is to it, which is certainly enough, but I'll bet that there are more features planned for the future. Syncing ROM settings and user accounts across devices would be nice.

CyanogenMod promises never to use the minimal personal information they collect, and also never to sell the information to advertisers. I've never seen a reason not to trust them. Accounts should be enabled on 10.1 and 10.2 builds starting on September 9th, but it will be a while before they show up in release candidates or stable builds. If you've already used a separate app to enable this feature, you may need to remove your existing account after flashing the latest nightly ROM.

Source: Google+ - find the latest nightly builds at Get.CM