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Featured App

PassWallet - Password Manager

Today's roundup is brought to you by PassWallet (formerly Password Wallet) by HandyApps. Passwords are hard, thanks to the thousands of logins required for modern digital living. Sure, you could have the same passcode for every service, if you enjoy throwing your life into chaos when you lose your phone or get your identity stolen. HandyApps' PassWallet puts all your passwords behind a single PIN, with 256-bit encryption, floating windows for easy copying, cloud sync, a stealth mode, and entries for just about any information you could want. With this app, there's no reason to be anything less than safe. The app below is a 30-day trial - the full version is a one-time purchase of $4.99.


PassWallet is a password manager app that safely and securely stores your most sensitive data conveniently in your mobile phone or tablet. We believe PassWallet to be the most stealthy, most secure and most convenient password manager ever developed for the Android smartphones and tablets! PassWallet password manager keeps sensitive data safe by hiding it in a secret hidden vault. In addition to password management, PassWallet is also capable of being hidden. No one will know you have installed the app. The app does not appear in your app drawer. All data stored in PassWallet is encrypted with tough 256bit AES encryption - the same encryption level used by the military.

✓ Stealth access mode that hides app launcher icon
✓ Most popular templates including web logins, credit cards and ID documents.
✓ Unique floating window function for easy data transfer to other apps
✓ Sync between multiple devices via Dropbox or Google Drive.
✓ Secure password generator built-in
✓ Import and export data to .CSV files
✓ PassWallet will not appear in your recent apps list
✓ Quick launch websites with password auto-copied to clipboard

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The app was not found in the store. :-(



Android Police coverage: [New App] Photo Editing App Repix Comes To Android With Tons Of Filters And Easy-To-Use Brushes

Repix is part Instagram (no, wait, keep reading!), part photo editor, and part painter application. In addition to the requisite photo filters, it gives you a mind-boggling array of brushes for some artistic expression. The app works best with a stylus (either from a Galaxy Note or a passive 3rd party pointer) but can also be controlled with a finger. The basic app is free with in-app purchases for packs of filters and brushes - six bucks will unlock them all.


Repix is more than a photo editor. It’s a creative tool that lets you turn ordinary photos into masterpieces. Using Repix couldn’t be more simple – all of the tools are easily available at your fingertips and all editing happens in real-time. Use the brushes to freely edit your photos with stunning effects and apply some of the world’s most beautifully designed filters and borders. Repix gives you the creative editing tools you have always wanted. Once you've finished, save and share your photos to your favorite services.

Developer: Recolor
Price: Free+


Android Police coverage: Digg Reader Released For Android And It's Beautiful

Social news aggregator Digg has fallen into obscurity as Reddit has risen, but the service is back with a vengeance as a stand-in for Google Reader. It combines the standard functions of an RSS reader with the up/down votes of a social news site, and wraps it all in an attractive if somewhat stark user interface. The integration with Digg's desktop site, Instapaper, and Pocket is icing on the cake, and the usual array of social sharing options is present.


Digg delivers the most interesting and talked-about stories on the Internet. Powered by social signals and old-fashioned human judgment, our editors turn the Internet's vast and cacophonous flood of articles, blog posts, magazine pieces, status updates, photos and videos into the elegant and endlessly engrossing mix known as Digg. And now the new Digg Reader is a simple, powerful and speedy way to follow your favorite sources and publishers.

Developer: Digg
Price: Free

Xbox Music

Android Police coverage: Microsoft Bringing Xbox Music To Android – Unlimited Streaming For Subscribers, No Offline Mode [Update: The App Is Live]

Microsoft may be upping the ante in the mobile wars with its purchase of Nokia, but that's no reason to get in the way of making some good old-fashioned media distribution money. There's no real reason to choose Xbox Music over the offerings from the Google Play Store, and quite a few reasons not to, especially if your phone or tablet isn't supported. But if you've already spent money on music for your Xbox, now you can play it back on your phone with minimal hassle.


***An Xbox Music Pass is required to use this app.*** Xbox Music brings you all the music you love, every way you want it. Now you can access your Xbox Music Pass on your Android phone, Xbox, Windows 8 PC or tablet, and the web. Xbox Music Pass on Android features:

• Stream ad-free music from a catalog of tens of millions of songs
• Add songs, albums, and playlists to your Xbox Music collection and access them from other device
• Create playlists that sync across your phone, Xbox 360, PC, tablet, and the web
• Listen to music while using your Android phone
• Enjoy a rich visual experience for searching, viewing, and playing back music

Microsoft Groove
Microsoft Groove
Price: Free


Android Police coverage: [New App] Botifier Sends Android Notifications To Car Stereos And Any Other Bluetooth AVRCP 1.3 Display

Every once in a while we come across an app with such a simple, useful principle that we have to wonder why no one thought of it before. Botifier is one of these apps: it sends textual notifications from any Android app to the display on your Bluetooth-equipped car stereo (AVRCP 1.3 or later). There's a blacklist feature that will let you banish the more annoying apps from your display. Unfortunately, Botifier can only work with Android 4.3 or later.


Pushes Android notifications from the notification drawer to any connected Bluetooth device supporting AVRCP 1.3

  • Show notifications on car radio
  • Show application as artist
  • Show summery as album
  • Show full notification text as title (can be splitted over multiple chunks max length is configurable)
  • Play notification via TTS (text to speech)
  • Use next / previous track to navigate through notifications
  • Use pause / play button to remove notification
  • Use forward button to close notification stream might help to regain focus to previous playing audio.

Developer: Grimpy
Price: Free

Evomail - Modern Mobile Email

Android Police coverage: [New App] Evomail Email Client Comes To Android, Supports Gestures, Snoozing Emails, Push Notifications, And More

Evomail has gained a lot of fans on iOS by being more capable than the default iMail app, which is kind of like saying that a sports car has gained fans by being faster than a '96 Neon. But there are a ton of features in there, including a quick swipe-based interface, a snooze function, push notifications, and support for pretty much every popular email service plus IMAP. According to the description, POP3 and Exchange server support is coming soon.


Evomail is modern mobile email. We believe email isn't broken, it just hasn't kept up with the pace of change on the internet. A few quick highlights:

  • Quickly archive, trash, and label messages with simple swipes. This gives you the ability to quickly triage your email throughout the day as it comes in. Stop waiting until you're back at your desktop.
  • Prefer to keep Inbox Zero and you're taking an early weekend? With just a swipe or two taps, Snooze your emails until you are back in the office on Monday.
  • Are you one of those people that has to know when a new message comes in? Never miss a message with built-in push notifications.
  • Someone replied to an email from awhile back? View the entire history of your conversation, not just the most recent message or two.


The app was not found in the store. :-(

Music Maker Jam

Android Police coverage: [New App] Music Maker Jam Is A Windows Song-Mixing App Making The Hop To Android, Now Available In The Play Store

Despite claims to the contrary by Samsung, tablets are still low on the technology totem pole when it comes to content creation. Music Maker Jam hopes to change that, at least for audio, with an interface and toolset that combines a ton of options with easy operation. This app won't make you a digital DJ overnight, but for simple track creation and remixing it will get the job done. Keep in mind that it's definitely geared towards the hip-hop and electronic genres, and only works with Android 4.0 or later.


Touch it. Mix it. Share it. Music Maker Jam, the free new music maker app from MAGIX, makes it easy to start playing with music and mixing your own songs in no time. From the start screen chose a music style and begin mixing instrument loops to create your unique combination of sounds. Choose from thousands of professionally produced loops and live edit on an 8 track mixing board. Adjust tempo and key or apply cool sound effects in real time.

Sidebar Plus (Multi-bars)

Android Police coverage: [New App] Sidebar Plus Arrives In The Play Store With Customizable Sidebars Full Of Widgets, Settings, And Apps

The always-on sidebar is fast becoming its own niche in the ever-evolving world of Android user interface tweaks. Sidebar Plus takes the kitchen sink approach, throwing everything the developer could think of into one bar or another. Apps, search, settings, and even a few data widgets are included. Customization fans will be happy to know that the app includes three themes and a ton of options for visual presentation.


Sidebar Plus - brilliant multi-tasking from anywhere It's light, fast, customizable to your taste. You can put various items in the sidebars such as apps, contacts, commonly accessed settings, shortcuts, and DashClock extensions as well at widgets. It supports multiple bars, as well as change the visuals and trigger options for the bars.

  • Create multiple bars that can open from aside
  • Pin apps, common settings, contacts, shortcuts into bar
  • Big Bar brings favorite apps, frequent contacts, settings, weather, running apps, widgets in a bar
  • Customize a bar with theme, colors, icon size, opacity, bar alignment (left/right)
  • Deeply integrate to system: slide to open bar while using other app
  • Include 3 themes: dark, light, holo-dark.

Sidebar Plus (Multi-bars)
Sidebar Plus (Multi-bars)

Everypost (Facebook, Twitter)

Android Police coverage: [Hands-On] Blast Multiple Social Networks At Once With Everypost, Assuming It Will Let You Sign In

Everypost tries to solve that age-old problem: blasting a status update to every social network on the planet like an obsessive-compulsive PR manager. The idea is solid and it includes pretty much every social network you could hope for (with the possible exception of Orkut), but when Bertel tried it out he had a hard time getting it to log into certain services. The app's basic interface also allows uploading photos, videos, or music for services that support it.


Everypost is the easiest and most convenient way to post multimedia content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, tumblr, Flickr and via Email. Everypost provides a unique feature called "Twitter text shortener" that shortens the text automatically so it can be suitable for Twitter, and viewed on the user's free dedicated page on Everypost. Social networks users, bloggers, independent professionals, journalists and small and medium companies are using Everypost to publish their content in multiple media platforms, amplifying their reach to more channels and audiences.



Android Police coverage: [New Apps] LEGO Releases A Trio Of Mindstorms EV3 Apps In Google Play

Lego's Mindstorms toy line has long been a jumping-off point for would-be robotics professors, and it's evolved along with technology as a whole. In addition to a game app, Lego has published a set of digital instructions that will help you build your robot...


3D Builder is the official LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 building instructions. FREE to download to your tablet based smart device. Now you can build EV3RSTORM, TRACK3R, GRIPP3R, SPIK3R and R3PTAR using building instructions viewed in a 3D environment; using intuitive touch gestures you can zoom, pan and orbit around the model’s instructions as you build to get a closer view. Complete the building missions step by step, or watch the animated assembly at your own speed; or even check to see what part of the model you’re building by the click of the sub part viewer.


Android Police coverage: [New Apps] LEGO Releases A Trio Of Mindstorms EV3 Apps In Google Play

...and a control app that will let you connect to your robot and pilot it or update its commands. Have fun.


Robot Commander is the official command app from LEGO® MINDSTORMS®. FREE to download on most smart devices; Robot Commander connects via Bluetooth to the EV3 Intelligent Brick. This easy to use app allows you to interact with your very own EV3 robots without even connecting to a computer. That means you can play instantly with your own robots.


HuffPost Live

Android Police coverage: [New App] AOL Releases HuffPost Live For Google TV, A Live Video Streaming App That Welcomes Viewer Feedback

The Huffington Post is arguably one of the bigger success stories of modern news media, and embracing new technology has been a big part of that (along with not paying saps bloggers and other contributors). The new video app ties into HuffPo's burgeoning video service and integrates live comments and previously-recorded video. I'm going to assume that the anchors are getting paid.


Don't just watch the news, be part of shaping it. HuffPost Live is a live-streaming video network that lets you be part of the conversation. HuffPost Live is a live-streaming video network that uses the most engaging stories on The Huffington Post as the jumping-off point for real-time conversations and commentary – and invites viewers to join the discussion as on-air guests. Topics range from current events to entertainment to tech to parenting to health and fitness.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Wanam Xposed

Android Police coverage: [New App] Wanam Xposed Offers An Insane Amount Of Customization To Samsung Devices Running Android 4.2 Or Later

The Xposed Framework is becoming a launching point for a ton of root-only hacks, but this one takes the cake, at least if you're using a Samsung device running Android 4.2 or later. Wanam Xposed opens up an incredible amount of new features and customizations - there are enough visual tweaks to make the most rabid themer cry himself to sleep. New features are way too numerous to list, but my personal favorite is the quick flashlight toggle from the Galaxy S4 Active.


Customize your Stock Rom with a lot useful features:

  • Call Recording
  • 4 Ways Reboot (Reboot, Recovery, Hotboot, Download)
  • Secured Samsung keyboard
  • Full Color/Transparency control for Status Bar and Notification Panel
  • Flashlight trough volume button UP
  • Skip Music with Volume buttons
  • Save Call Logs View
  • Unlimited and Customizable Multi-View support
  • Bypass Exchange Lock check
  • Enable Keyboard Symbols
  • Enable Hangouts Calls trough cellular
  • Long Home key behavior
  • Long Back key to kill App (+ white list)
  • Disable increasing ringtone
  • Messaging Tweaks (raise limitations)
  • Disable Scrolling cache
  • Enable Full rotations
  • White Circle Battery
  • Enable Camera on Call

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Commercial Break

If you don't have a DVR or you watch mostly live TV, Commercial Break is a godsend. Tell the app what channel you're watching, leave it running when the commercial break starts, head for a call of nature or a quick bit of housework, and it will chirp to let you know when the commercial break is over. Take that, conventional draconian advertising methods! (By the way, don't forget to check out our Sponsored App at the top of this post.)


Break free from TV commercials. We will let you know when your program is back from commercials. Commercial Break (CB) is a mobile app that lets you watch TV without the agony of watching commercials. It's Easy. When you're watching TV and commercials come up, you can be totally free to change channels, go to the kitchen or do anything you like with YOUR time during commercials. Don't worry about missing the return of your show. We got you covered.

The app was not found in the store. :-(


There's not a lot to Auri: it's a text-to-speech app built specifically for Reddit and RSS feeds. Set it to play your favorite feed and it will let loose its surprisingly dulcet digital tones. The synthetic voices are a little less robotic than the Android default, and the interface is one of the best I've ever seen for such a utilitarian app. The developers have even included an odd little voice-controlled trivia game.


Auri Voice Companion reads Reddit, RSS feeds and other sources in a lively, fun format. This is Auri's first release and we're actively working on many, many more features. If you have any suggestions, please post to www.reddit.com/r/auri

  • Listen to Reddit posts and comments
  • Play voice controlled Trivia, completely hands free
  • RSS and other sources
  • Great for travel, shower or any other situation where reading is not an option :)
  • Works any TTS engine (We highly recommend Ivona, it's free on google play)

Auri (Voice Reddit and RSS)
Auri (Voice Reddit and RSS)
Developer: Wavecade
Price: Free+

My Game Collection

If you've got so many console games that you literally can't keep them straight... well, you should probably give up on those money-grubbing manufacturers and join the PC gaming elite. But if you don't want to use a PC (like a cool person), you can use this tracker app to keep a database of your physical games, complete with box art, manuals, a ton of platforms, and more custom fields than you can shake a joystick at. Oh, and it also integrates with Steam.


My Game Collection is THE app for keeping track of your games on all your platforms:

  • Beautiful 'Holo' look
  • Link with Steam
  • Automatically link game information (description, box-art, ...)
  • All platforms
  • Add your own data
  • Track loaned games

It has been built from the ground up and with a lot of care to follow the modern look and feel set by Google with Android 4.0 and higher. A lot of time has been spent on the details and polish. They matter and should not be forgotten. If only all apps could be as easy, beautiful and responsive :)

Klamr - Chat, Hangout, Share

Why would you use Klamr over WhatsApp, Hangouts, or whatever alternative chat platform you currently have installed? Aside from a nice swiping interface, there aren't that many reasons, though it does include some Maps-style location information. But chat platforms are all about what you and your friends use, so if your friends use Klamr, go for it.


Klamr is a new way of messaging where friends can chat, find venues, research reviews, plan and share get-togethers, all in one app. Klamr turns a conversation into a get-together in four simple steps: Send a Message: and chat about ideas for your next get-together; Create Ideas: decide where to go and what time to meet; Plan It: when everyone likes the idea, invite your friends on Klamr or through SMS; Share It: share all the fun photos while you’re on your adventure.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Chuggington Chug Patrol Book

We always like to include at least one kid-friendly app in our roundups, and though "Chuggington Chug Patrol" sounds like a fraternity interscholastic drinking team, this one is pretty neat. The app combines a digital pop-up book with the typical follow-the-bouncing-ball reading style that will encourage tykes to see what all this literacy business is about. Fans of Thomas the Tank Engine should be well-served by Chuggington Chug Patrol.


Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue ~ A 3D Interactive Pop-up Book. Get Ready to Rescue with your favorite Chuggington characters. Available for tablets & phones. Ride the rails with Wilson, Brewster, Koko and newest addition to Chuggington - Chief of Chug Patrol - Jackman, in this traintastic interactive adventure. Read the story, complete the challenges, and use your new skills to win special Chug Patrol badges. Perfecto. Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue is an official Chuggington app which looks and feels just like a real book.

Genius Scan - PDF Scanner

We featured Genius Scan on a previous roundup, and it's still a pretty awesome way to quickly scan documents. The new free version lets you try out this solid little app. If you like it, the full version with cloud storage export options is just two bucks.


Genius Scan is a scanner in your pocket. It enables you to quickly scan documents on the go and email the scans as JPEG or PDF with multiple pages. In addition, you can unlock the Genius Scan+ features which allows you to export your scans wherever you want: Box, Dropbox, Evernote or any other cloud service app installed on your Android phone that supports JPEG or PDF files.


Genius Scan - PDF Scanner
Genius Scan - PDF Scanner

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