The Droid DNA was sort of an unprecedented phone. It was the first device in the US to feature a full 1080p display – something that has since become the norm. But at the time, its 440 PPI was absolutely mind-blowing. While mobile technology has undoubtedly progressed since the DNA's release, this phone is still able to hold its own in nearly every situation.


However, if you're a DNA owner who has grown weary with Sense UI, good news: official CyanogenMod nightly builds are now available. While that is good news in itself, the CM team actually issued a PSA yesterday warning users not to flash builds from September 7th (the first night DNA builds were pushed out). The 8th nightlies are already out and everything appears to be working OK, but you should still tread carefully if you planning on giving it a run.

As always, don't forget to grab the appropriate GApps package.

CyanogenMod: dlx downloads