Lets face it, email just isn't sexy. The Gmail app has done a lot to pretty things up, adding in fancy swiping gestures and associating pictures with each contact, but the experience is still somewhat clunky. There are alternatives, such as the stock Android app (pretty basic), K-9 Mail (the kitchen-sink approach) and Dextr (innovative, but very limited) - but all have their drawbacks. Evomail is the latest kid on the block, and it hopes to make managing email a task you actually want to do.

Evomail1 Evomail2 Evomail3

Evomail began as a Gmail client for iPad, and it grew to support both the iPhone and services other than Gmail. Now it's hopping over to Android, bringing with it nifty gestures like the ability to swipe to reply, archive, or delete. One particularly appealing feature is the ability to snooze emails when you don't want to receive alerts anymore, which is great for the weekend, vacations, or just going to bed. On the other hand, there's also push notification support for anyone who wants their email alerts not now, but right now.

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As a sign that this is indeed a modern email client, contacts have circular photos that look eerily similar to avatars in Google+ or, perhaps, those nifty Facebook Chat Heads. Circles are the new squares, or something like that.

Evomail is free to use and can sign in to Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, AOL, and many others. It currently only plays nicely with IMAP, but Exchange and POP3 support is on the way.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Via: TechCrunch