If you use PayPal (and who doesn't?), and have been pretty unhappy with its mobile app (and who isn't?) today brings a much-needed change. The company just released v5.0 of its app, which brings a completely redesigned interface – and I'm not talking about one of those "completely redesigned" interfaces that moves some menus and changes a few colors, either; this is a complete overhaul – along with a slew of new features. Here's a quick look at what to expect in the new PayPal:


As you can see, the updated app features the oft-requested "hamburger" menu, along with several new (and some revamped) options: Shop, Wallet, Activity, and Transfer. Each category is fairly self explanatory, but here's a rundown of what you'll find in each:

  • Shop: Local deals, and places that accept payment with the mobile app.
  • Wallet: PayPal balance and card information. You can also add new cards here.
  • Activity: Your account activity.
  • Transfer: Send, receive, or request money from this menu.

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Of course, the settings menu is still in place, where you can set your preferred payment methods, tweak security settings and notifications, and the like.

Overall, this new update is not only massive, but it works incredibly well. It brings nearly all of the most-commonly used features directly to mobile, which is a godsend for those who use this service often.

Version 5.0 is live in the Play Store now, so hit the widget to grab it.

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