Android powers most of the worlds smartphones and a sizable number of tablets, but that's just scratching the surface of what our favorite mobile operating system can do. Consider Capture, a game show on CW where contestants utilize Android to capture one another in the real world. They compete in an environment that's filled with power-ups, dangers, and even an electronic fence that serves in place of the invisible walls that plague all but a few 3D games. None of the technology used in the show is fake, and contestants are equipped with an Android device strapped to their wrists that looks not too unlike the Android phone wrist watch we mocked in AP Files #1.

Capture1 Capture4


This customized Android device allows players to view the map of the playing field and gives the producers a means of tracking players throughout the heavily wooded forest. The players can also receive messages through the devices or digital viruses that they can infect other players with.

The engineers behind the show developed their own cell phone network that could permeate the entire forest in a way that WiFi could not, and they used solar power and small gas generators to make it happen. They then plugged in whatever holes that were in the network with WiFi antennas strapped to trees.

If this sounds awesome, CW places full episodes of Capture online and airs new ones every Tuesday. I haven't been interested in a game show since Legends of the Hidden Temple, but this one might just have my attention.

Via: Kotaku