Sidebar Plus got a bit of attention a few days ago when it was in testing on XDA, but now the app is done and live in the Play Store. This app creates a series of slide-out bars on your device that can be filled with almost anything you want, from quick settings to widgets.

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This app includes a few pre-configured sidebars with settings, contacts, and a few other things. The default is to have three bars lined up in a gesture area on the left. You can add more to the list, but each tab makes the active areas for each one a bit smaller. Sidebar Plus includes templates that filter down the various items for each bar, most of which are pretty self-explanatory. It's worth pointing out that the Big Bar allows you to embed widgets and Dashclock extensions. That's really neat.

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The app is free to try with all the features unlocked for five days. After that you are limited to two bars unless you buy the full version via an in-app purchase. It's about $3.28 for all the features, but you can also get some of the features individually for less.

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Sidebar Plus (Multi-bars)
Sidebar Plus (Multi-bars)