It took many long months for the HTC One to make its way over to Verizon, but for people who are loyal or otherwise bound to the company, it was worth the wait. The handset is still one of the most powerful out there, and while beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, no Android device has yet to attract the near-universal praise for its look and feel that the HTC One has. Now the original silver version of the phone is on sale on Amazon for $119 with a new two-year agreement. The deal is also available for current Verizon customers, though it's a tad less generous - upgrades cost $129 instead.


This discounted price is low enough to beat Wirefly's pre-order offer of $149 last month. However, it doesn't apply to the unsubsidized version of the handset. If you're on Verizon and want the HTC One without the burden of a two-year contract, it will still cost you $599.99 to make it happen.

Verizon HTC One on Amazon