Some video games are true works of art, immersing the player in deep, believable worlds, surrounding them with thoughtful characters, and tying it all together with organic gameplay to create truly immersive experiences. Some video games strap an AK-47 on a motorcycle and let you make "vroom vroom" noises while shooting more lead than the annual NRA duck hunt. Guess which category Super Psycho Cycle falls into.

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Super Psycho Cycle falls squarely into the "retro" category, recreating a top-down space shooter with a Harley Davidson theme. You are T-Dawg, a badass biker whose extreme alcoholism is matched only by his facial hair. Your paper-thin motivation is that a rival biker gang has stolen your girl, justifying the murder of hundreds of motorists and more than a few cows on a bleak highway to the danger zone. Insert sweet guitar solo here.

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The game is an original property that uses the pixelated aesthetic to the fullest: screens full of bullets, enormous and overpowered bosses, thumpy chiptune music, and super-moves are all in place. Unfortunately it's got a lot of the trappings of modern mobile games as well, including pushes towards in-app purchases, high-priced upgrades, and some truly annoying advertising that pops up even during gameplay. But I'm tempted to ignore these issues because of just one thing in the game's intro sequence:


Hello, 1995. It's been a long time.

The app was not found in the store. :-(