European readers, no one could blame you for being a little miffed at Google when it comes to the Play Store. The company's focus on the United States is impossible to deny, especially when you look at the availability of carrier billing. But they're slowly, slowly rolling out the feature to more and more carriers and countries. Today Both Switzerland and Belgium get one carrier each added to the Play Store billing club: Swisscom and Mobistar, respectively.


Swisscom and Mobistar are the first and currently only carriers to take advantage of the feature in their respective countries. Those of you who use the Play Store to buy apps, media, or in-app purchases should now be able to charge your next phone bill for the amount. Both carriers have confirmed the news. (Belgians have access to Google Play Books and Google Play Music, but the Swiss only have apps at the moment.) There's no real advantage to this, other than making things a little less complicated.

Carrier billing is now available in 11 countries in Europe, but only six of them have more than one carrier available. Still, considering that only 18 nations in total have access to the feature (including the US and Hong Kong), it could be worse. 

Source: Google Play Store Support, Swisscom, Mobile Payments Today