The Chinese mobile market is an interesting thing. There are a lot of low-end phones, but there are a number of premium handsets always in the pipe that really couldn't work anywhere else – they usually look like iPhones and have somewhat unusual features. Such is the case with the new Meizu MX3.


This device has a 5.1-inch 1800x1080 screen, which is 15:9 instead of 16:9. Around back is an 8MP camera and a smooth rounded casing. The internals are decidedly high-end. There is an Exynos 5 Octa from Samsung, 2GB of RAM, and 16-128GB of storage. All that fits in a lightweight magnesium frame just 9.1mm thick. There's a single home button at the bottom.

product3 flyme_10 flyme_14

This is an Android phone, but good luck finding out anything beyond that. This phone runs Meizu's Flyme 3.0 skin, and that's where all the emphasis is being placed. It doesn't even list the underlying version of Android anywhere I can see, but again, this is for the Chinese market.


The Meizu MX3 is going to sell for the equivalent of $410 for the 16GB model, all the way up to about $650 for the 128GB one. It will probably never hit American shores in an official capacity, but it's still neat hardware.