It looks like some images of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, or at least a mockup used in an internal Samsung promo video, have leaked out. And, based on those images, this is apparently what the Galaxy Gear will look like in proportion to your wrist.


Large, one might say. Quite large, apparently - VentureBeat claims the Galaxy Gear will have a 3.0" display and seems to runs Android (or at least is capable of running some Android apps) in some sense of the word. It's alleged that the battery life will be a not-so-sensational 10 hours, though that Samsung will be focusing heavily on the activity / fitness tracking aspect of the Gear, making it very possible the watch will not be marketed as an always-on-your-wrist device.

Either way, these images are polarizing as all get out. I, for one, think it's an unabashed catastrophe if real. I'm willing to admit a comically large phone might have its uses, but a 3" LCD hanging over the edge of my wrist? I'll pass.

What about you? Is the Galaxy Gear, if it does look like this, still intriguing, even something you would buy? Vote in the poll and get your long-form answer ready for the comments.

If the leaked images are real, do you have any interest in the Galaxy Gear smartwatch?

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