Do you remember when Google and Yahoo! were similar brands? Both had search, mail, news, and instant messaging services. Sure, there were technical reasons to prefer one platform over the other, but it was all predominantly a matter of preference. Now, that difference could hardly be starker. One now manages not one but two operating systems, challenging the dominance of the likes of Microsoft and Apple, and has even planted the seeds for a gaming ecosystem that could someday challenge both handheld and tabletop consoles. The other, well, they've just updated many of their web properties to bring about a more integrated mobile experience. Check it out.

Yahoo2 Yahoo1 Yahoo3

The refresh has rolled out to prominent pages such as the Yahoo! Search, Mail, Messenger, News, Finance, and the homepage. The sites should make better use of the space available on today's larger screens, and they don't look all that different from what's available inside the dedicated Android app. Now if only the company would settle on a logo.

Source: Yahoo!