We featured Audio Glow when it launched in November of last year. This ultra-stylish music visualizer takes the basic visual component of classic hi-fi systems and gives it a fresh coat of paint. It's gained quite a following thanks to eye-popping visuals and a huge degree of customization. Today's version 2.0 update adds some interesting options, most notably the new "Glowing Strings" visualization, below.

2013-08-29 13.21.22

This nifty option is available as a $1 in-app purchase for the main Music Visualizer app, but the developer has kindly included a 5-minute preview that you can check out before buying. The IAP works across the primary app and the Live Wallpaper add-on.

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Other changes include new swipe controls (so you don't have to display the play/pause, forward, and back buttons on your pretty music screen), higher sampling bitrate for some devices (for better and more accurate display), and some much-needed reorganization of the settings menu. Strangely, the touch controls seem to be reversed - a swipe from left to right goes forward, while right to left goes back a track. There have also been a few tweaks to the method of displaying metadata.

Audio Glow works with most media players for display and control. The base Music Visualizer app is free and the add-on Live Wallpaper app is a very reasonable $1. 


• Increased audio sample rate on some devices for more accurate motion

• Reorganized the settings into categories

• Moved "show meta data" out of the theme settings into General Settings.

• Added swipe controls. Turn them on in General Settings.

• Some minor tweaks to meta data to improve behavior.

• Enforced 32bit color (improves appearance on some devices)

• New visualization style (glowing strings) is available as an in-app purchase. It is fully customizable with its own themes.

Audio Glow Music Visualizer
Audio Glow Music Visualizer
Developer: Cypher Cove
Price: Free+

Audio Glow Live Wallpaper
Audio Glow Live Wallpaper
Developer: Cypher Cove
Price: $1.49+