So let's say you own a phone store, and your store has a logo that's a sort of distinct shade of magenta that you use on a lot of stuff. Let's say some guy down the street opens a competing phone store, and his logo is an almost sort of similar shade of magenta, but not really the same. And his logo otherwise doesn't look like yours, really at all. Do you: A.) take this as a coincidence and forget about it, B.) as a compliment that you have good taste, or C.) sue the ever-loving crap out of that guy because where does he get off almost stealing your color what a jerk?

Well, if you're T-Mobile and John Legere, the answer is C - all day, every day. Let me just express, visually, exactly what this lawsuit is about.

aio2 T-Mo2

Oh, the humanity. This isn't even worthy of a legal analysis. I'll say that there's precedent in the US for color being protected under trademark law, and T-Mobile may be able to make a prima facie case. Who knows, they may even end up convincing a jury. That doesn't mean this lawsuit isn't incredibly, monumentally, unbelievably stupid. John Legere is certainly behind it, though:

Can we just stop the news for today? I've had enough.