Remember that nifty multi-carrier LTE version of the Nexus 7 that was shown off when the tablet was revealed last month? Google has been mum on a specific release date for that version, but United Kingdom carrier O2 is more than willing to chat it up. According to both a tweet from the official 02 account and a short blog post, the "4G" Nexus 7 will hit the UK on September 13th.

The 4G version of the Nexus 7 (UK carriers never muddied the "4G" nomenclature with HSPA+, so "LTE" and 4G" are interchangeable across the pond) will retail for £319.99 without a contract, just shy of $500 USD. The WiFi version of the tablet just launched in the UK, and O2 will sell you a 32GB model for £249.99, which is £10 more than the Play Store. So far Google has only announced a 32GB capacity for the LTE Nexus 7, so I'm assuming that's the model that O2 is gearing up to sell.

O2 customers will be aware that the carrier's LTE network isn't actually live at the moment - they claim that they'll begin rolling out 4G service starting tomorrow. The product page for O2's LTE Nexus 7 says that the "4G version is exclusive to O2," which is odd: the unlocked GSM-LTE tablet should work with any carrier in the United Kingdom. Perhaps O2 will be the only carrier to offer the Nexus 7 LTE via its online and brick-and-mortar retailers. I hope that Google is still planning to sell the LTE variant on the Play Store.

There's still no word on when Google is planning to release the Nexus 7 LTE in the United States, but given their launch schedule of "the coming weeks," it could be any day now.  

Source: O2 UK