There are any number of photo editors on Android already, but Repix brings something slightly different to the table. This app isn't about getting the colors just right or removing red eye – it turns your boring regular pictures into snazzy art. What? You don't like snazzy things?

There are 16 filters, 17 frames, and over 30 brushes available in Repix. There's not a lot of messing around with settings here – you just pick a tool and have at it. Things just seem to work out somehow. It's actually neat how easily you can come up with something that looks interesting. There are also more conventional editing tools like brightness, cropping, and temperature.

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Repix comes with a fair number of tools for free, but some of the cooler ones are going to cost you. $5.99 unlocks everything, but you can buy individual packs of brushes or filters for $0.99-1.99.

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Developer: Recolor
Price: Free+