So you have a Google TV, but you want to use it for something other than watching TV. We understand - we are an Android blog dedicated to telling you how to do just about anything but place a call using your smartphone, after all. So I present to you the Enblink, a Chromecast-sized dongle that also plugs into your TV, giving it wireless control over your home's lighting and other existing devices.


If it's important for you to keep your TV apps centered around traditional tasks, think of the Enblink as an extension of your home theater setup. When a movie starts, the person holding the remote can dim the lights without having to leave the comfort of their couch. Now if only it could pop our popcorn for us and douse it with copious amounts of butter.


Enblink's functionality isn't anchored to the TV, as users can also control over lighting using their smartphones or tablets and control them from anywhere. While it may not be necessary to toggle the lights all that often when you're away from home, it sure is handy if you remembered you left the living room lamp on an hour into a family vacation. That said, you will still have to return to your TV to manage which devices have access.


Unlike the Chromecast, the Enblink plugs into a USB port, so you won't have to make your various game consoles and Blu-Ray players arm wrestle to decide who gets to remain plugged into an HDMI port. And if controlling lighting just isn't exciting enough, Enblink can also connect to other third-party devices already stocked on store shelves. Trigger power outlets and security sensors with the same convenience as lights.


The Enblink launches next month, but you can pre-order one now for $85.

Enblink connects to your Google TV and lets you control the devices in your living room and around the house

Enblink is a team of engineers and product people that believe in the fully connected home. Enblink plugs into any Google TV unit and lets you control lighting and other real world devices using a phone or tablet.

August 26, 2013 -- Enblink brings new functionality to the Google TV, and it allows users to control lighting and other real world devices in the living room and throughout the house. Installation takes only a few minutes.

Enblink works with add-on Google TV units, like the Asus Cube, as well as with built-in Google TV units. The user simply plugs Enblink into an available USB port on their Google TV unit and uses the free mobile app to connect to lighting, security, or climate control devices for the first time. From there, users can stay connected wherever they take their mobile device.

Pre-packed bundles are available to help users get started with a basic lighting control or security solution. They simply work right out of the box.

“Google TV already lets you manage tons of content from around the web,” said Jake Yoon, CEO of Enblink. “Now, we are taking that a step further and leveraging this platform to allow users to manage the devices in their living rooms and throughout the home.”

Because it uses Z-Wave to talk to other devices, Enblink also works with hundreds of products by leading manufacturers. Currently, there are more than 700 certified Z-Wave devices to help users manage lighting, security, and climate control devices in the home.

Users can also connect popular models of IP cameras to Enblink and securely access live video streams from the mobile app. No subscription is required for the basic video streaming service, and users have the option to select a premium plan to keep a closer eye on things at home.

Enblink retails for just $85 and is available for preorder at It will ship to preorder customers in approximately 30 - 45 days.

Source: Enblink