In a way, Angry Birds and Star Wars are a match made in heaven. Both properties are immensely popular, and neither is a stranger to merchandising. You're as likely to stumble across either of them on a lunch box or in a bin of stuffed animals as you are to see them in their native formats. That's why the concept of Angry Birds Star Wars is neither surprising nor difficult to grasp. You're still flinging birds at pigs, they're all just dressed up as characters from the Star Wars films. The original Angry Birds Star Wars was based on the original trilogy, and the sequel focuses on the prequels. Now four of the characters featured in the upcoming title have been revealed in a series of YouTube trailers.


TIE Fighter Pilot

Zam Wesell

Emperor Palpatine

Because both the Angry Birds and the Star Wars guys know how to make money, this game borrows from the success of the Skylanders franchise by introducing a gimmick - erm, feature - where players can beam characters into the game by placing action figures called Telepods (sold separately) onto a stand that attaches to your device's camera. It takes just a quick scan of the code to send the character from your hand to your slingshot. If this gets you excited, here's even more reason to smile - we're now less than a month away from the game's launch on September 19th.

And if you just can't stand this game's subject matter, who knows, maybe this adaptation will be an improvement over the movies it's based on.