Despite its name, Pushover is no, well, pushover. This easy-to-use push notification service allows web services, scripts, and a bunch of other apps to send alerts to your mobile device, and when combined with a site like IFTTT, it can bend the internet to your will. Now, a year and a half after the app's debut, the Pushover team has updated the app to version 2.0, giving the app a new look and filling it up with new functionality.


Pushover3 Pushover2

Pushover 2.0 comes with a new slide-out menu that makes it easier to manage the many different services that are hitting your device with notifications. Tilting a tablet into landscape mode will make the app list permanently visible, and tapping an app will filter out all other notifications. There's a new message view that presents each notification in larger text. They can be shared from this screen, if interesting, and deleted if not. And speaking of erasing messages - "swipe to delete" is now built-in, and messages dismissed on one device will also be removed from your others. Here's the full change log.

What's new:

  • Swipe message list to the right to see all of your Pushover applications and filter messages by app
  • Swipe individual messages to the left to easily delete them
  • Pull down on message list to quickly perform a sync
  • New individual message view
  • Notification dismissal sync
  • New optional feature lets you dismiss/clear alerts from the notification bar on one device and automatically hide them on your other Pushover Android devices

Pushover costs $4.99 to use, and there isn't a free version to try out before purchasing. Still, this is a great deal of power packed into a pretty small package.

Developer: Pushover, LLC
Price: Free+

Source: Pushover