How many times has this happened to you: you're out for a day of shopping/running errands and get home only to find out about a handful of good deals that you drove right past throughout the day? That seems to happen to my wife and me nearly every time we go somewhere; fortunately, there's a new app that aims to keep that from happening again. It's called Clipless, and it essentially runs in the background, just waiting to alert you of a nearby deal. Here's the official description, according to the Play Store listing:

There are tons of deals out there, but *finding* them is a challenge. With Clipless, you'll never miss a deal again! Clipless is a "contextual" deal locator that follows you around and alerts you when discounts are offered at places that you're actually at, using low-power location services to keep your battery happy. Use it to find deals near you at a single point in time, or put it into the background and let it roam with you. You can even start it at boot if you wish, and it will happily stay out of your way until it finds a deal near you. The result? Everything just costs less!

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You may have noticed that Clipless subtly snuck in some details about the battery there – good thinking on their part, as the first thing most people are likely going to be curious about is the battery consumption. Past that, the app seems pretty cut and dry – but if you'd like a full explanation of the permissions, you can find that in the Play Store listing, as well.

Developer: 8coupons
Price: Free