The Moto X has been making headlines as of late for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is the astoundingly versatile Motomaker. Motomaker lets you to customize your phone to a degree that we've never seen before, allowing for a staggering total of 504 unique color combinations. Don't gasp in amazement at that number just yet, though. It looks like Motorola is preparing Motomaker to include the wooden backs we saw last month at the phone's unveiling. A quick peek at the code of the Motomaker webpage reveals that, though hidden to the common viewer (perhaps part of the checkout process), wooden Moto X backs are waiting patiently to make their debut and, further, that they will cost an additional $50.


Ignore the "in stock" part for now. We're still waiting for something a bit more official like, you know, the website to actually have them. While the $50 price tag may seem off-putting, for a phone [partly] made of real wood, chopped down from a real forest by a real Android-loving lumberjack for your calling, texting, and gaming pleasure, $50 is a very fair price. While there is certainly nothing set in stone (or wood, for that matter) in this code, this is probably a strong indicator of things to come. Hopefully we'll have some concrete pricing and availability soon.

Source: Motorola via Droid-life