HTC fans who prefer Verizon (or who have no choice), your long wait is over. After months of rumors and teases, the HTC One flagship is finally available on Verizon, the last of the four major American carriers to get the phone. It turned up on the Verizon web store early this morning right on schedule for $199.99 on-contract, or $599.99 if you want it "free" and clear.


Verizon's One is identical to those on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint, except for the obvious CDMA and LTE radio bands. But inside the Verizon version is running a newer build of Android: 4.2.2. The rest of the American variants (aside from the Google Play Edition, which is incompatible with Verizon anyway) are still on 4.1. Perhaps the Verizon customers who've been waiting four months for the phone to arrive will draw some comfort from that. According to an HTC executive, all American models should get an Android 4.3 update before the end of the year.

At the moment you can have Verizon's One in any color you want, so long as you want silver. (There's no 64GB version, either - it's 32GB or nothing.) Other carriers get it in black, and Sprint even gets it in red (which must have made the Verizon marketing people green with envy). On the plus side, it looks like Verizon didn't go overboard with the logos, putting only one on the back of the device. Those who prefer their purchases in person should be able to find the HTC One in Verizon retailers soon, if not immediately. If you want to save some cash, Wirefly has the Verizon One for $149.99 with free shipping.

Source: Verizon Web Store

Update: As spotted by commenter "mjr," you can use the promotional code FIFTYTMN when checking out on the Verizon web store to get the same $50 discount.