If you cannot make up your mind between running TouchWiz or a stock version of Jelly Bean, thanks to MoDaCo.SWITCH, that's a decision you won't have to make. This piece of software makes switching back and forth between the two versions as simple as toggling a switch. Paul O'Brien, better known as MoDaCo, has started porting it to the Galaxy S4, and the beta is now available for those who backed his Indiegogo campaign.

MoDaCo2 MoDaCo3

The Google Play edition HTC One is a nice option for people who prefer stock Android, but it came too late for those who had already purchased the Sense 5 version of the handset. While they can flash their phone with an alternative ROM, doing so comes with sacrifices that, after spending time with the device, they may not be willing to give up.

When MoDaCo.SWITCH first debuted, it allowed people in this situation to have their cake and eat it too, giving them access to both Sense 5 and the AOSP version of Android. Its developer then sought £1,000 to develop the same software for the Galaxy S4, and he was met with a generous £2,414 in funding. Here's the result.

The zips needed to try this out have been emailed to backers, and they're the only ones who can test the software for the time being. Everyone else, hold tight. A stable version will roll out for general consumption as soon as it's ready.

Source: MoDaCo.SWITCH S4 i9505 support topic