Nerds love dice. They're a fundamental part of any good Dungeons & Dragons session, along with any number of quirky board and card games that have spawned over the years. Yet the harder we game, the harder it is for dice to keep up. We've bumped them up to eight sides and twelve sides, then, in a moment of panic, dropped down to four. But they still aren't quite up to the task. That is why it's exciting to see an innovation like DICE+, a die that can connect to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth. The functionality here is so impressive that we will ignore that it only has six sides.


When it's not in use, the DICE+ looks like a rip-off. It has all the functionality of a die without any numbers. Once powered, the numbers fade in with an attractive glow. It's cool enough to want to use with traditional board games, even if that does somewhat defeat the point. It comes bundled with six games, all compatible with Android devices.

DICE+ Bundled Games:

  • Backgammon
  • Chuchumba
  • Dice+ Heroes
  • Rainbow Jack
  • Rumble Stumble
  • This Way Up

Other Supported Titles:

  • Pirates
  • Reiner Knizia's Supremacy
  • Bella & Max

The vast majority of multiplayer games available for Android are meant to be played online, encouraging players to bond with others on the other side of the world. This is all fine and dandy, but it comes at the detriment of our face-to-face personal relationships. Turning that tablet or smartphone into a virtual game board brings friends and family back together, and it does so without all the hassle of maintaining a stack of boxes filled with cards and oddly shaped pieces. Just look at all the smiling faces in the trailer below.

DICE+ has been in development for quite some time now, having been first unveiled over a year ago, and it's finally set to launch later this month. Pre-orders are available for $39, plus an additional $8 for shipping. Considering that's roughly the price of two or three physical board games, the price isn't half bad. And to sweeten the deal, there's no proprietary cable - as quirky as this thing is, it's powered via micro USB, just as the tech gods intended. I just hope that future versions are called DICE+8 or, perhaps, Heroic Dice Of Chance+12.

Source: DICE+