If you're looking for a good throw-in-your-bag tablet with an excellent form factor and beautiful display, it's hard to beat Amazon's 8.9-inch Kindle Fire. Sure, it doesn't have the Play Store, and belongs in a completely different playing field than something like the Nexus 7, but for a consumption tablet, it can deliver the goods with the best of 'em thanks to Amazon's massive collection of Kindle books and quick access to Instant Video for Prime members.


For today only, Amazon is practically giving these bad boys away: the 16GB model is going for a smoking-hot $179, while the 32 gigger will set you back $199. Of course, these are both refurbished models, but it's still nearly impossible to beat those prices.

Considering this a Gold Box deal, it's only available for today. The time for buying is now – once the rest of the world becomes privy to this deal, they'll likely disappear with haste.

Amazon Gold Box Deal of the Day