The Field Trip app on Android is a fun little diversion. It pops up location-based cards that tell you about interesting things nearby. It could be a landmark, a historical event, or a place to grab a bite. But the app requires you to whip out your phone to see the notification. Field Trip has just been announced for Google Glass, and it looks like the perfect platform for it – this is what augmented reality is supposed to be.

The video shows Field Trip feeding information into Glass as the user wanders around doing considerably more interesting stuff than you are. It looks like a completely frictionless experience – walk around, see interesting bits of trivia. Frankly, it could give some Explorers an excuse to wear Glass around more often.

The regular app has different modes to control how aggressive it is with the notifications. Presumably the Glassware app will have the same. Since it's always going to have access to your eyeballs, Field Trip could get annoying if it's too free with the pop ups. Now all you need is Glass.

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