When last we saw the LG Enact, it was looking like a decidedly ho-hum budget phone for Verizon whose only differentiator was an oddly retro 4-button layout. Evleaks has graced us with yet another look at the phone and... well, it still looks pretty ho-hum, but now it's a slightly more interesting QWERTY slider. Verizon hasn't had a new Android phone with a physical keyboard since the Pantech Marauder over a year ago.

It's just too bad that QWERTY fans now have to hang out in the shallow end of the spec pool. Previous leaks indicate that the 4-inch phone uses a resolution of 800x480, a 1.2Ghz dual-core processor, an Adreno 305 GPU, and Android 4.1.2. Evleaks now says it uses a 5MP rear camera as well. Try to stifle your excitement. Though we'd need to see a full spec list to be sure, it looks like the LG Enact is sitting just below the 18-month-old Motorola DROID 4 in terms of hardware - the latter has it beat with a slightly higher-res screen. It's also got LG's custom skin, whatever they're calling it these days.

Evleaks say the LG Enact is "days away," and he's rarely wrong in these matters. We're still waiting on information about the price, which will be the make-or-break factor with two similar devices already available on Verizon.

Source: @evleaks