Just how big is the HTC One Max (AKA T6), rumored to use a 5.9-inch screen? It's big. So big that it dwarfs the HTC One in a new photo from ePrice, the source that leaked the original photos of a purported Chinese model of the upcoming phone. The latest leak shows it next to the One and One Mini, making a family portrait for the One series.


But this isn't just a photo of the baby bear, mama bear, and papa bear of the HTC's lineup. According to ePrice, that black square beneath the camera is a fingerprint scanner, tellingly located in the index finger "sweet spot" (the same place where the LG G2's hardware buttons hang out). A fingerprint scanner to bypass the lockscreen on the Max would also be the primary differentiator against the HTC One, aside from the larger screen and a rumored Snapdragon 800 processor.

But hold onto your hats, dear readers. The scanner was noticeably absent from a "work in progress" press render leaked by evleaks earlier this month. And to put it bluntly, a dark shape is easy to fake on these typically blurry photos. While it's true that these are the first photos we've seen of the phone's derriere, and the evidence points to a launch sometime before the end of the year, I'd keep my enthusiasm in check for this particular feature. The photo also shows some icons on the edge of the device, though they're too indistinct to be of much use.


HTC has given no official word on the One Max. Though we've got information to confirm this, I'd put even money on an announcement at IFA in Berlin next month to counter Samsung's event for the Galaxy Note III.

Source: ePrice via PhoneArena